Friday, April 15, 2005

Most interesting span of life ...

"Even we are on the right track, we can't find the destiny beacuse we are standing still on that " , so life demands to be a run.

In this corporate life, it hardly matters how much you do, moreover it matters how much you do with relative to others. Thence, two very pecular word of this sector: Relativity and Agility.

Relativity depicted as how much you or your company able to do better than prev. span of time.


Agility depicted that how much your company able to do better with respect to other companies.
Last 6 months, got to know ( better to say learn ) many things...

How to work in adverse condition !!

How to keep head polite in favouable condition !!

What should be the change rate of a novice demanded in a company !!

and lots ...

Also a lots in Acedamics and social life ...
-::- Who are the Real friends.

-::- How much family is important in life !!!

-::- Still an indecipherable image of future !!!

-::- How to write a good program :-) ( I never learn this completly ) !!!

-::- How to balance self, if someone left us and when someone new meet us ?

Still to learn are :

-- How to prioritize events !!!

-- Communication power still weak :-(( . Good with friends, but weak when something to say formal !!!

-- How to say "DIRECTLY NO" to someone. Never need it before, but i guess a good skill always be with us :-) !!!

-- How to extract ideas from someones prattle !!!

and loooooooooootttttttttttttttsssssssss more ... to learn.

A crap blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enjoy Life!! said...

Well quite a coincidence, last few months even i have things similar to what u have in ur social life. Donno abt you but for me, taken it all along all by myself. According to me, A lone fighter is better than a fighter.

Vaibhav said...

Wow, cool thanx for the reply. Ya,completly Agreed " A lone fighter is better than a fighter"

Pankaj said...

Hi V,
After a long time I have got an opportunity to exchange few words with you.
Thanks for enlightening me with the definition of Relativity and Agility. I also believe in the similar but Japanese term called "Kaizen" which means "continuous improvement".

Vaibhav said...

Thanx Pankaj Bhaiya,

Ya i learn about Kaizen Principle a bit :-)

abcdefgh said...

hmm.. u read my previous posts na... same thing.. learning in life.. it's the life..

Vaibhav said...

Ya chaitu, i read that.

Whenever i try to define the term "life" ,life itself will contradict the definition in the next moment. Thats why the prefect defintion is "it is something which is unpredictable" :-)