Tuesday, April 19, 2005

G O O G L E ...

Max Temp : 39 degree in Delhi.

Today i was not in a mode to work, its not a new story, it happens with me daily.Coercing whole night, Vaibhav do some work tommorow, i went on the bed last night. Still in the morning it was the same "System restart".

Since was not in a mood, and the best thing to avoid sleep is open "Yahoo Msger" or Google. Doing Chatting whole day in office, na na na ... , so Google was the ameliorate action.
Lastly, i concluded the whole day, it was better than normal working days,besides my manager will not going to kick me out from office.

I got to learn lotttttttsss of things :-

1. How to make exe files of java :-

JDK not provides anything for exe files, simple reasons are "security and platform independece" , so "THRID PARTY" zindabad :

and also some options in Java WebStart, but long one.

2. How do I recreate files which I have already removed from the recycle bin in Windows?

Once upon a time, in times when people either used versions of Windows prior to 95 or didn't use Windows at all (see the history of DOS paper), there was a utility called undelete. It served as a recovery tool for deleted files that were deleted less than a week ago, and used to save a lot of work and tears. That was all nice and smooth, until Windows 95 came up with it's "recycle bin". Wow, looky here! Whenever I delete a file, it goes straight to the recycle bin! Ooh, I'd bet that's new... The recycle bin isn't some magical bin thing, it's just a hidden directory. On every Windows 95 or above hard-drive, you have a directory called recycled. Whenever you send a file to the recycle bin, it is actually moved to this directory. Sophisticated, isn't it? But here's the problem: most people don't like the recycle bin. They either press shift+delete to delete files without transferring them through the recycle bin or empty the recycle bin right after they send a file to it. But then, when you realize that you've made a mistake, you cannot recreate the file. Or is it so? ... You can use DOS's undelete to recreate deleted files that were removed less than a week ago. If the file was on the recycle bin prior to it's "final and unrecoverable deletion" (yeah, right), you will find it in your recycled directory. Can't get any easier than this. Where to find the undelete.exe program? If its not in your Windows\Command directory then you will have to copy it from your Windows CD-ROM. Its in the directory called: oldmsdos.
This trick does not work with FAT32 pratitions. Thanks to Mortar_G for this information.
For more good knowledge, visit on


And read a lots of good thing, thanx for the creators of google.

Tommorow, i will in full swing to do something ...


Govind said...

Hmm, interesting!!. But am not so sure, making exe files for a java application is really an advantage.

Anyways, nice to know its possible. :)

Anshu said...

That was a nice tip. Thanks :)