Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cheeni Kam ....

Seems everything happens like "wow". Fast moving movie with good dialogues and not so good concept. The most lively hood acting is done by a small girl suffered by Cancer in this movie. One liners are good. Tabu did a good job. Liking a 64 yr guy is non-digestible. But somewhere in the movie it was told ... not getting anyone till 34 makes her(tabu) insecure and so she is now comfortable with a 64 yr man. Maybe sounds little near to fact.

I didn't get one fact ... why in every movie when hero or heroine reaches to Delhi, the cameraman show India Gate. As shown in the movie Tabu home is somewhere near to Kutub Minar.... Sirji, I want to tell you one fact either you go from airport or from railway station you need not to cross india gate to go for Kutub Minar.

Concept behind the names like "Ghaas-Phush", "Tangri-Kabab", "Sexy" and "Buddha" sounds logical and nice. Overall if we put the mind and Indian relations one side, we will definitely going to enjoy this movie.

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