Saturday, June 16, 2007

Power to Bargain

Today I went to a local shop in JayaNagar. Saw a north-Indian girl, beautiful girl :) bargaining about the price. The total sum is coming something around 65 and she is looking for 50. Shopkeeper is not coming down to 65 and she said " bhaiya(this is the first word all northi girl speak) kananda mein baat karenge tabhi kam karoge". Finally negotiation done on 60. I guess a bad negotiation.

Ya that's true. Because of branded company in the market and buying things in mall we are losing our bargaining skills, believe me its a skill. I remember the bargaining when my mother bought a bed sheet in Delhi. The price started with 300 Rs and she got that in 20 Rs. Come on, forget about bargaining we can't think for such a big gap. Most of the time we lost in bargaining because sometime we consider time an important factor, sometime we melt down on the face and voice of the other party.. "Sir ek rupaya bhi nahi bachta hai ek item per. "

Whatever be the result I love to do it. Sometime people say .. kya ek-ek paise ke liye rote rahta hai.. but its my money why should not ?


Sujata said...

Bargaining is an Art! I don't have it...:D

Vaibhav said...

Learn Madam :D