Friday, June 22, 2007

Come on make it own !!

Liked the songs of movie Awaarapan. Mahiya sounds good,sung in a good way and again a copy of Pakistani song. The live performance of this song was given by Annie, a Pakistani singer. Here is the video:

Movie considered to be one of the costly movie of Mahesh Bhatt, something around 18 crores.

It seems that Bollywood movie losing it's own meaning ... either story copied from Hollywood or from Tollywood(Telgu and Tamil Industry), same with the lyrics and music. Now even Pakistani film, i guess they call it Pollywood :)


ubuntu said...

no vkc , i guess pak film industry is called Lollywood


and howz ur life going ...
strange same town, houses within 5-6 km radius and when was the last time we met ?
No one to be blamed :-)

Vaibhav said...

oh yes ... its LollyWood :) !

Ya life is cool here. Alright, then I will come to your flat next weekend :D

Ankur said...

oye yeh ladki Pakistani singer nahi meri colleague ki cousin hain puri hindustani...apne facts straight kar bacchu

Vaibhav said...

just check the net Ankur... what wrote what the information i got from net.