Sunday, March 09, 2008

Is it proud or Shame !

Weeks back, Forbes Magazine announces globe wealthiest billionaires. Nothing surprising to know that out of 10, 4 are Indians. For some it sounds like a matter of pride, but ... ? Where India stand as income per person ? I guess no where in the top 100 list. I don't know the current list but 6-7 years back, it was 1000 Rs per person per month(I guess right now it is something around 2500 per month) and in the state like Bihar it was 200 Rs per person per month(which is now, I guess 500 Rs). What to say ? Lots of questions ! Why such a big difference exist in our country only ? Rich people are growing day and night and poor people are not growing even in decades. Is it not right to question the system ? Is it not right to question ourself ? What we are doing in surrounding to remove this so called natural imbalance ? Every question has one common solution and that is education. We need to spread education as much as possible. Fortune of educated people are they can't live without money.

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Abhishek said...

The same day there was a column in where they told that a large number of Indians can't spend even Rs. 12 a day!!!!!!

Now you can imagine the economic disparity in country.