Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things that irritates me !

Can you make a guess, where the company spends most of it's money for it's own employee ? Yes, you are right, its the employee salary. What's next, where is the second highest ? Any guesses ! You may or mayn't be surprise to know it's your phone bill. Normally, in a decent company, work culture demands to have one phone per person and you are free to call Local/STD. Sometimes even ISD's are allowed if you have lot to interact with your onsite customer. We misuse it, we misuse it badly. I have seen the people who use the phone for more than half of his working time(I am not working in a call center). Sometime it upset me and most of the time it irritates me. It can irritate anyone who is not using this facility and who is in near vicinity of someone who uses it.

You can't believe, I asked some people bluntly why you are using office phone so much and replies were funny:

- Boss, it is included in our CTC.

- Yaar, you are not married. You can't understand.

- Little phone work today... there today never ends.

More funny, some people have list, which all number I need to call today offcourse from office.

If you are those who use this facility must have closed this blog :) but if you are on other side, I will request you to make a check on those people. How ? Kill them :), abuse them, keep on laughing every time they call, start doing some mimicry, pass there resume to call center :). Do whatever you want to do.


Abhishek said...

Very pertinent point Vaibhav. People really misuse this facility. In my companies you are free to make local calls from your phone but for STD or ISD you need to connect through operator. I think this is a good way to keep people in check. However still I have see people chatting unneccessarily on phone.

googol said...

You know what? My company has even started to keep a check on the local dialled numbers.
Each employee is given a passcode to call the localites. Now guess what can you be upto, if you get someone else's passcode :)

Vaibhav said...

Right Abhishek.

Yes Rathee, don't know ppl keep on breaking the rules.