Monday, March 03, 2008

Offline Blogging - ScribeFire

Last week, I have attended IndiBlogger meeting in Hyderabad. Meeting was quite good though the strength was some 50-60 people. It was in Microsoft campus. MS guys also gave a presentation on Windows Live Writer in which you can do offline blogging. Like all the time, it runs only on Windows box.

Exactly the same, offline blogging idea came into my mind some 10 days back and I have posted one question
in my official blog talk. Engineers told me there are some tools that are doing exactly the same job :-|. I have start using one of it which is awesome "ScribeFire". Best part its a add-on with FireFox. So, no additional process kicking off. Browser based, platform independent - where Mozilla can run this can run. HTML support, Tagging support, Pinging support and many more. I was just looking for some export option as well, but not able to find.

Here are the Indiblogger pics:

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Abhishek said...

The biggest advantage of ScribeFire is that it can pick your existing posts as well, unlike Live Writer which lets you edit only the ones that you have edited using the tool. It's pretty good.See my post about Live Writer