Monday, June 09, 2008

7 reasons why Autowala in Bangalore will refuse to take you !

Its Peak time, you are on Bangalore road and you are looking for an auto, don't lose hopes.

Here are some predictable conversations:

Occurrence: 50 percent
You: MG Road ?
Autowala: (He will take the head up, think like he is thinking some rocket projectile equation)... he will go without speaking a word.

Occurrence: 30 percent
You: Forum ?
Autowala: 20 Rs. extra Saar.
You: Why ?
Autowala: (if its weekend)traffic saar..(if its weekday) no return passenger saar.

Occurrence: 80 percent

You(in night at 7.30 or 8): JayaNagar ?
Autowala: 1 and half saar. (1 and half rate goes after 9)
You: 7.30 boss
Autowala: No saar

So, here are 7 reasons:

1. No reason, its his wish
2. Location is not good
3. You are not looking good
4.You haven't asked him in a respectful manner
5. Peak time - in peak time, they don't carry any passenger
6. Traffic on your way
7. CNG is not working

Initially it was all frustrating for me, but now it all looks funny.


| Balu | said...

ha ha even I have written a lot of 'auto' posts but yours is surely quite funny! Reason -- You are not looking good.. that one takes the cake!

Vaibhav said...

thanks Balu. Yes, if you see them in a happy way they will make enough for you to write :)

Pradeep said...

Incorrigile guys. The only way is to see some humour like you have been able to.

Vikram said...

Yes very true. But we are helpless. So yes we should enjoy.

Vaibhav said...

Thanks Pradeep ! Ya its all fun.

Yes Vikram. Never be helpless, buy a bike :D

Aditya Sharma said...

hmm, well said, truly said, like the clouds opened up and the oracle spoke on the bitter truth of autowallahs, amazing saaaar!! ek dum sach kaha aapne saaaar

googol said...

saaar...kamaal likha saaar..

Vaibhav said...

thanks Aditya, Rathee :)

I guess you got the traits :D

Ram Kumar K said...

mast funny wala post dude :-)