Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It hurts !

Generally I write fun loving things on my blog. But sometimes news and happening force you to think and ... to rethink. I love my country and I guess everyone of us love it. But we can't hide the ruthless face of this country. There is a high degree of crime and there are some states which have not been progressed even a bit from last 30 years.

List is very big, if we start counting the person died because they have tried to do something good. And same happened with Lalit Mehta. Jharkhand based this guy was killed on May14, simply because he want to do something good, fight for right.

More details are covered here and one of the my friends Abhishek has written and even fight for justice. Nothing has been done from last 1 month by Police/CBI and I am not even expecting. From here, I can simply aware people to have a look, where we are going !

Sometimes I feel helpless and getting an internal feeling what we are doing is all crap. We are here to see news and laugh on it. If we are good, then we can be a part of news like Lalit.

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