Thursday, June 12, 2008

World - 2025

I have thought of world after 18-20 years from now. Please add if you have any serious or funny concern to add here:

1. Water is going to be the major concern. Very possible, we need to manage it per person rather than paying the bill at the end of month. Water tapes are like phone booths where you put a coin or 5 and water will come out for limited time. Maybe in office, you have to swipe your card for getting water.

2. Bicycle is one of the items in demand. Petrol cost will either go too low because of some revolution or it will go very high and may not be accessible to everyone. Not only cost, pollution coming out from these stuff will also need a check. May be, government will not allow you to drive your car more than 20 Kms per day.

3. Electronic items will be too cheaper and maybe one of the most giftable(I don't know this word exist in dictionary) items. There will be lot of company which just do the recycling of electronic goods.

4. Most of the systems will be governed by Software and there is a good chance(I don't want) that some big incident happen due to hack or misleading software mechanism.

5. Terrorist will hit the target more than what they miss. Crime will go in a more organized fashion.

6. Global Warming hmm .. "we should not", "we have to" should be the action.

7. Blogging is one of the major channel to communicate. Social network have power to do things.

There are some more .... I am not inspired by any English movie. I have perfect believe that Robot is not going to walk with us in next 20 years, neither we will see any superman flying in the air.


googol said...

Good... funny yet priority concerns.
And I am desperately waiting for cars that run by water...
But as the water level goes lower, I have to think more ahead, I'll buy an INNOVA (this is my current favourite) that runs by air :)

Vaibhav said...

ha ha .. you went into the fascinating world again :) car running on water, car flying in air :D

why this car runs by Air ?

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Vaibhav said...

You are always welcome. Blog is all about open ideas, you can do whatever you want to :)