Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Eye Camp

It was a big day for us. We were waiting for some result that can change life(s). I had already put leave mail, thanks to Sun culture where no one bothers about leave. But lot of our friends/volunteers already fought for their leave and made it possible, hats off ! Some committed to work in early morning, some committed to night shift but they made the day worth. It was an eye camp for the kids of SRMAB(Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind) and an important day for us.

Kids waiting with their prescription

Doctor had done their setup and we were all ready to control the flow of kids. Only one agenda - was he/she curable or not !! I was not there with any expectation but I could listen some "even if 10 kids can be cured, its a good number". I had done all these pre-maths last night with the conclusion that if things were not in control, wish for the best. Volunteers were all ready for the action. Faculties of SRMAB were ready to help and taken the work to get the kids from different classes. Principal sir has given their own big hall for checkup, so nice ! He is one of the most concerned person when it comes to student's health or treatment.

Dr. Smitha at Eye Camp

Dr. Smitha started with her examination. Before that, one doctor did the initial checkup. Like, he examined the eyes with torch light. If eyes motion exist on torch light that means retina is fine. If retina is not fine means eye problem can't be cured. Everyone has to go through the main treatment after primary treatment. For some, there were no eyes. For other some, there retina were completed damaged. Doctor Madam told us that most of them have mechanical injuries or severe infection. For other some, eyes were too small... God "some break is required". In break, God given 38 those kids out of 118 who can be verified/cured(chance) further.

One of the senior members who was Managing Director of Shekar Netralaya was explaining us other things related with this event. He was telling that eye donation is still weak in our country and I am requesting you guys also that whenever you go on any funeral, try to convey the family for eye donation. Eye can be donated in next 6 hrs of death and its best to keep the eye close and put some ice-cube over it. This will keep cornea safe for long time. He further explained that even you can go for Lasik treatment to remove your specs. Lasik operation, now a days can be done in 15 seconds and overall a day treatment. Adding further, he said "these days we do one or more lasik operation per day".

Renuka and Sheela

I got the chance to meet my old students, Renuka, Sheela, Kaushik. Renuka said that she was ill from 17 days. Her eyes...hmm it was different from my prediction. Doctor said her eyes could be further checked, that means some hope is still left. They are the most intelligent kids of SRMAB at least in Computers , just because they can't see completely and so they don't bother to know whats going on screen. Mouse and screen are two useless part of computer for them.
It was a great day with full of knowledge, good hope, some disappointment and fun with the kids on weekday. Our game plan for next action is all set and we need to put that in zero time. Losing vision in many times is a gradual process which can be checked with proper medication.

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