Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Managing a different weekend !

It was more than a year, I traveled somewhere for fun. Our gang decided to have one. Where, was not a big question because we had our tripping expert Srikanth. Srikanth decided to have Chikamagalore(Hunkal Woods is around 40 minutes more) and hit the highest pick of Karnataka. Final calculation let only 9 people ready for trip. Last trip of Wayanard(an year back), was awesome and I was expecting this to be cool as well. Before this trip, I bought a Canon 1000D. I am still busy in doing the correct settings :).

PS: I am writing this blog for fun and feeling, not for providing information about the place.

7.30 AM : We reached the resort, it was completely awesome. After lot of fun like rope climbing, rather rope breaking :), table tennis and a cup of coffee, everyone got ready for trekking. We did the deadly breakfast and made the move. Trekking started with fun and fear. Fear of leeches ! Soon the trek became tough with steep climbing and sooner tougher because the path was through the water fall. Leeches were coming into picture but we had much bigger things to worry about. Soon we hit the pick. From this picture, you can see the trekking path.

Luckly moving down, it was a different path. I was talking with Srikanth about other trekking experience and he was explaining the team work, which was so true. It was all about patience, team effort and caring. Running fast is immaterial when the slowest person of your team decides your win. It's better to help that person to speed up rather than speeding up your run. We covered the whole path(up and down) in 5 hrs.

4.00 PM: Got ready for lunch. Finishing it, we joined for some game like Badminton, Cricket, Football. None of us were tired or may be so much tired that they didn't want a rest. Soon it was a lovely night with lots of star in sky. We put the bonfire. Care taker of that place started with some ghost stories but all were bogus and boring. Soon, we had finished our dinner and got ready for ...

10.30 PM: For another trek :). Wow, a night trek, sounds interesting ! Luckily all of us was ready for this. We took 2-3 massal, 2 torch and made the move again. It was supposed to be a short trek but how short, we didn't have any clue. I keep on moving with Vivek Anna's jokes. After sometime, we encountered the hunters who were looking for animal and told us to get back which was a reasonable suggestion. Back to home at 12.00 night. Some more talk and everyone went to bed.

Day 1 over.

Day 2: Nothing much to write. I wake up at 7.45 AM. Though we had to leave the place at 8.00, no one was in real hurry. Got some more time to play football and badminton. Finally we decided to move for Belur. It was supposed to be my second trip to Belur. But I enjoyed it second time as well. It took more than 100 years to complete it and why not. Art work is silently speaking about everything of that place.

Finally I am back at home with lot of wounds, cuts and fun ! "The biggest risk is to not take any.... ".

Place rating: 4.5/5
Resort rating[http://www.hunkalwoods.com/]: 5/5


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