Friday, August 07, 2009

Learning and Unlearning

Learning at an age of 26 is tough. Because most of the time mind is in semi-learn state and for a semi-matured mind its tough to deny what you know(wrong or right). Let me explain you by an example.

If you are one of the frequent readers of this blog, you got to know that my English is pathetic. I do, on and off common mistakes in writing. WHY ? This is how I developed myself. But now, I am in a state from where unlearning and relearning is almost impossible for me. Not only this, when someone correct me, my first reaction is ... "this piece of junk don't have any work to do, read the content, why he is worrying about my grammar". Nothing wrong because this is how you(here I) developed yourself. After listening so many times, good blog, good blog, your mindset is very obvious. Oh, this guy is reading my blog, okay, he will say it's a good post. And certainly you will listen "your grammar usages are not correct", Ah "Go to Hell", an obvious reaction. Learning is tough and unlearning is toughest....

Ego - is it ego. No idea, but nothing wrong in respecting someone's ego. Ego is nothing - he has done something, may be in past, and he want to say, I know this(may be he don't know). Great, respect his work ! Ego is just a by-product of success, just what we call "superiority complex".

If you are smart, you will reply me "your blog is awesome, just a small correction is required here". Now saying this, you are showing that you take care of others feeling(so called ego) and you are not egoist yourself to be the best English maker of world.

Time is game. Someone replied you and if it hurt your feeling(have wrong feeling for right thing is ego), time play an important factor. If you have given your self no time, and replied it back. Your reply will be something like this "You piece of s**t, don't try to tell me what is wrong and what is right". Since we don't have guts to write like this, we write it in a nice ironical fashion. But if you have given yourself 2 min of time, you will reply "thank you". Now this "thank you" is deadly again. Because you have replied something else and something else is going in your mind. You are holding your anger for a long time. In most of the time it will simply disrupt all your work for a while. Hmm.. what to do.

I really don't have a good solution for it(please give if you have). But most effective way to outcome - 3rd party involvement. We get a 3rd man, who support your feeling and he will explain you "Arre, that guy is idiot, man, why you are listening him". Oh, you suddenly feel, 2 person(you, 3rd party) are thinking that he is an idiot. Good, good ! This is funny, but most effective way, which we all do !

Talk - its such a funny thing. It decide whom you like and whom you hate. Not only that, at a particular instance, you are liking someone or hating someone.

Oh man, I am writing lot of common sense stuff, don't know why. But something need to come out which stuck at my mind. Unlearning is tough than learning and tougher as age grow. So, get you kids learn good things at early age :), so that unlearning will be minimal.


Praveen राठी said...

Vaibbhav, I second your thoughts. We usually don't put across (speak/write) what we actually have in mind.

"If you are one of the frequent readers of this blog, you got to know that my English is pathetic."

I am a regular reader of this blog and I have realized that you are much ahead of others in conveying your ideas, even if not grammatically.

"He who knows not and knows that he knows not is intelligent actually"
And you live this fact because I have known you over the years. Kudos! Nice blog :)

Vaibhav said...
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Vaibhav said...

thanks man !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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