Thursday, February 03, 2005

Grid Computing - Last Medicine For AIDS

Long wide roads of Delhi ... looking so nice and Radio City - incredible. And yes after coming from office,getting nice things to eat at home. After a long time of 4 years,getting opportunity to fight with bhaiya.... Life is very bueatiful.Only missing friends :-(.

The heading looks absurd, but believe me it's not !!!

Can you ever think why AIDS is uncurbed (laa-ilaaz) ??

First, I tell you the current time its 11.25 AM IST , 04-02-2005, might be after an hour or so, we will get the news that someone found out the vaccine for AIDS.

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( i really had to spent 2 hours to have right pronunciation, that's why intellegent people made acronyms) presents a complex knot for scientists to unravel. After initial contact and attachment to a cell of the immune system , there is a cascade of intracellular events. The end result of these events is the production of massive numbers of new viral particles, death of the infected cells, and ultimately devastation of the immune system.

Its not the HIV virus which killa... but ya HIV gives other virus friends full opportunity to destroy the cells.So, even small viral infections like cough,which we don't care about, have the capabily to kill us.

"Massive numbers of new viral particles" and mind this massive is not even lakhs and crores .... something which can't be processed even by our supercomputers.
Unlock genetic codes that underlie diseases like AIDS .... needs some processing which is fast .. fast like human imaginations :-).

Can our processors have such capablity ....look on these figures :-

Let me combine three laws/improvement : moore's law + storage improvement law + optical improvement law. Results are really surprising ...

Computer Speed doubles every 18 months.
Network Speed doubles every 9 months.
Difference = order of magnitude per 5 years.

Year 2005 --> Year 2014
Computer : Present X 60.
Network : Present X 400.

So, the only solution to save the humanity from AIDS is GRID COMPUTING. Defiining Grid Computing, i can say that "Grid computing is based on the idea that the unused computational power of desktop computers can be harnessed to create an aggregate computational resource greater than the largest clusters and the most powerful supercomputers available. Computer grids are appealing because of their ability to provide more than enough computing power to solve previously unsolvable problems."

Research ( not me :-) ) tells us over 95% of today's computer power is wasted; between mouse-clicks, keystrokes, and spikes of routine application program activity, the average computer sits idle. Distributed computing technology provides the means to harness these valuable unused CPU cycles to create an aggregate computational resource known as a computer grid.

IBM, along with representatives of the world's leading science, education and philanthropic organizations, launched World Community Grid, a global humanitarian effort that will harness the vast and unused computational power of the world's computers and direct it at research designed to help unlock genetic codes that underlie diseases like AIDS and HIV, and support studies that can protect the world’s food and water supply. Anyone can volunteer to donate the idle and unused time on a computer to the Grid.

Fastest, connected through internet and through 10 million of people. We can also contribute ourselves, I mean our computer's idle CPU usages in this great journey... and believe me that's why, I told you the time of the article. Anyday, anytime ... we can have the good news: MANKIND WINS OVER AIDS.

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Anonymous said...

by PeeVee,
hi vaibhav,
a good article throwing light on utilizing unused cpu power to crack many things ....
i heard that there is some tech or there is going to be some tech by which users can connect their computers to net , to make a large grid of computing , i didnt remember the details of it... might be...
or vaibhav, if there is no technology as such,
y dont u write one like that,,
bye and keep posting such informative articles.
catch me at peevee[period]tk
mail me at peevee[period]chaitanya[at]gmail[period]com
too clumsy aaahh!! ;)

Anonymous said...

by chaitanya

hi vaibhav,
Nice research man... Never even thought that Grid computing like stuff can be solution to AIDS.. Let's hope these ideas succede and let humans conquer another virus..

keep writing..

chirag said...

thats was real gud Mr. Chaudhary.
U know wht i was always amazed to the amount of hardwork u manage to do.
But after reading these 2 articles, i must say u hav a real load of knowledge in ur head yaar. i mean u kinda know abt evrything frm aids to history (that icarus thing) and anything related to the world computer :)

well go on n write such gr8 stuff, maybe someday someone will get inspired and start research on ur articles :)

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary Baba,
I liked the way you involved "grid computing" into cure of AIDS. Keep writing this type of blogs and try to involve one techonology into another. Then you will be most wanted analyst for our defence research ;-)