Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nice days ...

So, its a happy day for me as well as for all JIITian's. Today when i was coming on bus, i saw the clear difference of weather change. It was enought light i mean so much that a cricket match can be played for 30 minutes, i was very near to my home. I was surprised. Generally it was dark when i left my bus. But today when i saw IIT gate i was surprised, i picked out my mobile as my watch, the battery was drained out :-( . It was as usual 15 left in 7.00.

So, welcome to the season of Autumn !!!

I love this season a lot ... because i don't have any skin drying problems :-)

Me, not in a mood to go office tommorow as my project partner is on leave from tommrow onwards. So, i have to work alone :-(

Last 2-3 days for me were too haptic but i learnt more.

My Mac PC running slow . One obvious reason was the bad confugration and other we ( me and jenis( my project member) ) thought that it need some refreshment. So, why not, lets have some fun with PC, anyway we were in the learning process. So, we told our senoir project member " Sir, we need Mac OS 10.3 installation CD" . He replied to post a message on HELPDESK. We did that.

After 30 min or so, a server room man came out and told us that let me install Mac OS , i never did it in my life. We were bit frusty but we told " Sure man !!! Go ahead ".

He asked " from where to put CD inside " . Actually the architecture is so good that we never see CD drive like things in front . I told " Sir put CD here, it automatically went inside "

So, he did that and restart the system. NOTHING HAPPENED. System booted out with normal way. We are happy and that person out of frustration went on from their .

Yahoooooo !!! CD was with us !!! Come on Jenis have some fun.

Jenis, a linux expert, opened the command prompt and start trying the ugly commands on that !!! I shouted " stop this, Try to find out some application, some tools,some GUI."
He started playing with Computer. Looking on Windows and try to finding out something analogus to that.

Yeah Man , i got something !!!

We have to run from here !!! .

Till one of my senoir project member joined us .

" Humm Good !!! So, how to go " he murmured

It was something written " Erase the material over the disk, before installation. "

Till that time. i was busy in reading mail. So Jenis asked "What to do sir".

He replied " Follow the instruction" .

So Mr. Jenis with senoir member erased the data over the disk.

And so the poor Mac PC erased the firmware with other data, my nice songs were
also there :-((.

Firmware : Linux bueaties are familar with firmware but for Window sicks guys i only told that it is something like bootstraper , which is required to load OS on system.

Jenis shouted " Vaibhav, you always busy in mails , see Man this is important than your mails , Look man , how installation going now "

And in the meantime, an error came " Firmware not upgraded , OS can't be load " .

I couldn't stop my laugh. And since now system was set to booted through CD , we can;t even run the system and Yes, CD was inside and like Linux , you can;t get it out at the time of insallation. No windows type button to take the CD out and even not a small hole like in Windows in which we put pin and CD comes out( Mama gave me this PIN Suggestion... but it not worked ).

Now i really can't stop my laugh.


"Hey, God created one good thing for us !!! " I grumbled.

" What Man " Jenis asked. He genrally had the habbit to use so many "MAN'S "


So, me and Jenis started with the search . He is bit immature in giving proper Keyword for Search. So, i told him to

put something like "Installation of MAC OS X without firmware "

He got something and me too.

He got how to entered into the command prompt of firmware. Something like pressing button combination -- Ctrl- Apple - 0 - F . And again a problem " is this zero or 'O'. Matching text we came on the conculsion its 'O' not zero.

So, after 1-2 try we entered into firmware. It means that it(OS) deleted only the upgraded part of Firmware, not whole of it !!!

A gray windows unlike to Mac OS came near us.So i smiled" What to do with this Window Mr. Jenis M Shah".

He reflected back and said " Search more man,what to do now" . Something sparked up in my mind and i change the Keyword " CD ejection in Mac OS X" ...
and i got a way ... write " cd eject" on the firmware command prompt. We tried that. Yahooo CD came out with its delighting sound " sseeeeeeeeeeeeeee ".

I replied " Man we did that " .

" But my dear, still OS was not installed " Jenis muttered. He replied suddenly " Hey we have CD of older version Mac 10.1 ... can we try this "

And so, with taking name of Hanuman Ji we started installation. IT WORKS !!!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!

"Party Sir, Party ..." We speaked out like bullet.

"So, we can't work on Mac 10.3" he queried.

"Of fo ... sir upgrade the firmware from net and then install what ever you want. Its not our business now, we are waiting in Cafeteria" . We moved on, with lots of Happy. Jenis told " Me,just coming , let me inform my friends about this great news".

We know that no one was going to ask for single glass of water. But we were internally satisfied with our work.

Just after day or two , we installed Tomcat on Mac OS , though it was not running properly but it was very similar to Linux Tomcat installation.

I was very happy that i not even orkutting for more than 2-3 minutes in these 4-5 days.

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