Monday, February 28, 2005

Can i define our work ?

It was a day when first time i worked alone. Since project will go for submission in 3-4 days. I can't excuse of ANYTHING. In such a period of anguish , my mind was at a low ebb. I can't even recollect the things ... HOW TO DO , WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO DO.

I already had two cup of tea. I found it galling to have one more cup. In that poignant state of mind i came near windows and saw , will the bus reached or not !!!

Yes, bus was there. I saw the time. It was 30 minutes left in 5.30 , my office day endup time. But i couldn't stop myself for more 30 minutes. I ran away and occupied 3rd seat in bus. Me, just relaxing myself. In the meantime, the Bus Conductor came near me and asked ( he asked in hindi but let me write in english) " Whats going inside this building ". As i know that this fellow didn't know the S of Software. I replied " Some Computer Work " . "Oh !!! So you guys are making computher here " he murmured.

Srivasta Sir flashed back near my eyes as he also used to say " Computher " .
" No no , we are making softwares " i shouted.

And as i expected his next question hitted my mind " Software .... what is this " he argued.
I lulled, put my hands on my head and started thinking something innovate so that i could explain him. But ....

But is always But.

It was 1 hr journey and all the way , i was thinking and thinking and thinking ....

But still i was unable to conclude ... CAN YOU HELP ME !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Chaudhary saab,
Good one! Actually this is what a real blog is and is supposed to do. What a language you have used! Amazing!
Good going. Keep it up!

Vaibhav said...

Thanx Asty ...