Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me and My Mom

15 Sep, 1982 ... nothing so suprising happened , i was just borned. Just after 6 days of birth, i was very near to death.Yes, that was a attack of Malariya ... on a 6 day small child, but GOD, my Mom, and Medical Science saved my life.
I still have a blur image in my mind of those days when i was in LKG class (below Class 1) . That time i was in mumbai ( that time it was bombay ) . My school was just 20-30 meter away from my home, but still i had to cross a road. I generally went school with my dad ( i call 'papa' ) . Upto the inside Gate , everything of that school was visible from my home. And, till i not entered into that Gate, my mom was looking at me from the window, a window that just faced towards my school building. I got 2nd prize in that class, after that i never got any rank prize in my life :-( .

After somedays, when i was in class 1, papa got transferred to Bihar, my native place. There, in Patna, i was admissioned in Kendriya Vidayala in Class 1 ... i don't remembered too much ... but yes , still i have the clear picture of my life from class V onwards... actually in Patna, we took a building on rent, and that was 3-4 kms from my school. Hardly any vechile available at 5.00 ... my school schedule was morning time ,quater in 6.00. We don't have any vechile like scooter that time ... so only way to go was by 11 no. ki gaddi.

My dad, really can't afford to first drop me in school and then came back and then went to office. So, my mom decided to drop me school everyday . It was a travel of 30 min ... one side . So, she just dropped me there and came back and then made breakfast and tiffin too, for papa.
And no matter if she was fine or not , she did it everyday till saturday.

Those day, i was suffered by a viral dieseases. White pus ( the wound with water) grewed up on my legs and suddenly brust out when became larger in size and it increaese in number day by day .... i can't expain you the pain of that wound . It was winter , about 5-6 degree temperature,still due to that diseases i went to college in Half-Pant... that time exam went on .. so i can't afford to take leave for some day. The best way a small mind can hide himself from that pain of cold, was to hide himself in mom's saaul, and so the small vaibhav did the same , all days.

Hell with the study, i can't even sit on chair or bed. That time , what my mom did was, she put a pillow just on my back and told me to put the legs on her body , so that legs was not touching anywhere and i felt comfort. .... and like that she sat near me whole night not 1 or 2 night ... 10 nights.
First time, i felt sorry !!! why these fellows gave gaps in between exams.... Lastly exams ended up ... i guess i secured 60-65 percentage ... that what i generally have . Me, finally took rest and again thanx to medical science that it cured my disease, but that spreaded on my mom's body.
But, a small child can't do anything so me too.

Till i was in class 8th or 9th , it was my mom's duty to teach me everything and as she was MA pass she did it brilliantly, but i wasted 5-6 hrs in playing football, never secured such a good marks that i could create smile on anys face in home. Who cares, i was happy with my foolball and the classes of games,yoga and science classes, in all these classes we played football , and 15 min of the next class also :-) ( indian timing gives us flexibilty to come inside the class 15 minute late ).

I joined college. First time i left the hands of my mom. Took flat in Shipra , my mom never told me to stay in home because she know that there is a challenging world outside.

Now after 4 years, i am back in my home with a fear that i have to leave this home again somewhere in future ....


abcdefgh said...

Life is struggle. The one who enjoys this struggle is the real winner.

The kindest face one will ever see,
The kindest voice one will ever hear.
The one who cares the most for child
Is one's own mother dear.


sujata singh said...

yeah, u cant compare mom with anybody else.... mom is mom!!!

Anonymous said...

By peevee,
vaibhav, i am unable to write anything... but i want to write something....
I understand the love of a mother..
and the patience of a women.