Monday, May 16, 2005

Bossism ...

The worst thing that happens with me these days is that ki my net stop working. Ooooo , its so frustrating that i just go on to bed when i reach home. God taking my exam, but my dear God its 3 days i live without them, now pass me in exam.

Everyone in this world works 'under' someone. 'Under' if i say than its "Lower in rank, power, or authority". In terms of Software Engineering, the BIG BOSS is Customer, most of the time the most illiterate person.

After that it goes a hierarchy of../../.. Manager, then Project Leader, and then the Developer. 'Developer' the real software makers. The sweat that comes out from their skin, the toil that comes out from their body, the creativity that comes out from their mind, sets the quality of Software.

'Developer' in most of the company a work-force of age gp. in between 20-30. Not only mastermind in their projects but can understand the quality and the problem associated with any of the project ;-) .

No no don't do this way, do this way ... the same old line that Manager babbles. I was dreaming one day that how nice it is if the position, the power changes. These managers will get to know that the taste they are enjoying, how much effort someone has to put to make it a tasty thing.
Microsoft launches MSN desktop search :

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