Friday, May 20, 2005

Dependencies ...

Be independent, that’s what my Team Leader shouting whole day and the one thing that i love most. Though I myself, never fit in this word ‘independent’. I make my surrounding so pervasive that i also have to be dependent on something; this can be human or can be resource.

Why we don't want to become Independent?

I thought a lot, its only because we don't want to learn. We never want to innovate the learning process. Either it’s the learning of cooking, or to make software, we set our benchmarks before the start.


Sujata said...

Its like we like to be dependent on our own environmnet, yet we think that we are independent, bcause we take our surroundings, in which we have lived for long, for granted. And a change in it..makes us dependent on lot many things..people..situations. So if we are accustomed to be Independent, Dependence comes on top of our hate list. :)

Vaibhav said...

Ya, thats a great point !!!

Change in environment. - the main reason for dependence.

Agreed :-)

Thanx Sujata