Thursday, May 05, 2005

Need time ...

Yep, change the interface of the blog !!! Like Microsoft doing every year :D.

I have zero knowledge in HTML, trying to bring the links and "About me" up, 1 day wasted abhi tek nahi hua :-(( .

Yesterday was busy. Got a good article from Puneet "Google vs. Bill Gates". Seems that Road are waiting for Bill'u'. "Sarak per aana wala hai Bill Gates".

Whole night enhancing my CV :-) , lots of Job Opening there in paper. Then write a formal mail for sending those CV in different companies.

Oops !!! Its the exam time, will prepare for Quality Management Test, going to held on 16th of this month. Got some good material for CMM and CMMI. Want to refer, alias : CMM , CMMI.

Office work going to slow these days. Need some more attention there.

Rohit , my college friend, got net connection in home , now half time will go in chatting with him :D. My Router started hating me, whenever i went for net , kuch problem aa jati hai.

Ok, will cont. this is office time, and man you are writing blogs .Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;-)


Enjoy Life!! said...

shudn't it be dream design deploy

Vaibhav said...

yep i become mad these days ...