Monday, May 09, 2005

My Dreams ...

I told about my dreams many time to my friends, but they just laugh on me and said " Vaibhav you became mad sometime in morning". I tried to find such sequence dreams on net as well as in book but 'void' was the return value.

Yesterday it happened the same. I was in my college yesterday; I and Ami (my friend) went back for movie "Kya Cool Hai Hum". Nice movie, our youths in BollyWood are becoming mature now. Good acting my Esha Koppiker. After movie, i went back to hostel and then from hostel to my home, a near about 2 hrs journey.

Did some chatting, check the mails, an old article sent by abhishek was still unread,,1284,67287,00.html? tw=wn_story_mailer

I went back to my bed. And i didn't know but my dream begun ...

There was a person ( i know who he/she is in real life, but not in dream) in the city, who was killing doctors of that city and kept on killing, even the city police was unable to get his/her name and face. People of that city start believing that it was a devil.

4 doctors left in the city, and me one of them. So, life was very near to death. And yes, after killing the person that guy hangs the dead body near any hospital, but not that doctor’s hospital, who he/she killed.

Investigation took rapid change in this condition of this abeyance in city.

It looked that city police lose their hopes, as they were trying from last 3-4 months and unable to find any of the evidence against that murderer.
And lastly the police commissioner told me " We can't waste so much of police force for this case, we are leaving this case"

And so, i became the survivor of my life....

So, i designed a robot (don’t put logic you are or doctor, dreams are dreams). A robot for my safety in about 3 days, in the meantime, there was only more murder, and the doctors count left to 3.

My robot was ready, but on testing i got to know that the response of robot was not so fast. Changing the code bit and some optimization, i was able to make that a real time response robot.

Since, i was a great doctor too, it was hardly a problem for me to give that robot, a human looking face and good body structure.

No incidents happened in morning in any case , that’s why, in morning, i freed my robot to find out some evidence of murderer. And in night it was working like my bodyguard.

Reporting Master : "I got some information about the murderer, she killed 69 doctors yet and living in Gov. Quarter- 5 km away from this place", my robot delivered me this piece of information.

It was a complete surprise that, killer was she.

I made 2-3 more mini robots with high data manipulation speed and spread those near her home.

After 2 days they all reported, "she is normal, normal BP, normal Energy-level".

Only workaround for me to bring that woman in my clinic.She came , i do't know how i called her but she came. After some discussion i told her that you know that you had killed 69 doctors, any idea !!!!

She started laughing and told me "Doctor shab, aap pagal ho kya "

" Ok, you go home " i muttered.

That night, one more murder. And my-mini-robots "sir got it" .

And they described me even showed me the whole scene. And they concluded " Master, after lots of data mining , we found that, she had a child who was died due to wrong Prescription giving by a doctor. And that doctor was her first victim, but she continued to kill others that in future no one can give such wrong Prescription. And after she did all, she lost the time( means short-memory ) and hence normal at morning-2-evening." mini-robot gladly explained.

At the time of angriness, there was a saliva secrete near the abdomen. and that gives you extra power, much more than your normal energy-level. That i know in my real life, this time , i was a doctor, must know thing.

I called her again in my clinic. and i directly asked her "Had you have any child, that you lost" .

Yes, she replied and told me " Doctors gave them wrong medicine and he died " she was still normal.
I again asked " any photo you have " .

Ya, and gave me one.

An idea came in my mind.

"Oooo, this is your baby, i saw him 2-3 days back, and how you told me that he died!!!!!!. Lady he is still alive." i told with the confidence in the words.

She surprised, jumped up told me " i want my baby back."

I augmented of course " give me 2 days and also give me the Prescription of that doctor ".

"Ok, leave give me your bag, i will take from that " i added further. She did the same. And i got that Prescription .

And then ...

I made him , her baby. You know, not a difficult for me, who do all the above things. Actually i cloned a 3 year baby and then changed the face and all body structure in accordance with the photo, which she gave me.

And that’s it, my morning alarm "tin tin tin .... ".

And most horrible truth that , i felt myself so weak in morning, that first time, i felt on floor when i trying to leave the bed. Looks that, it all really happened with me. I spelt 1 hrs in office bus, then 2-3 hrs in office, then able to recover myself.

It happened with me sometimes... Don’t know why??????????


Rohit said...

vaibhav ,I think you should start writing books on tech+horror stories.
it was a nice story. next time put off your alarm so that you continue with your story :)

Vaibhav said...

Yep thanx dear rohit. Anyway when i saw this type of dreams it was more or less complete.

rohit said...

next time complete it ...plz