Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Idealogy ..

Of fo... how big ppl talking these days, yesterday I was listening one of the ppt-cum-lecture:

>> Your progress in the end of the day depends what you are able to excute
>> Never let to die your interests, what ever be it is : Painting or Dancing
>> I never see watch when I am working, its all about passion
>> It all depends on you, what you do for your friends, parents ...

Bhai ek din mai 24 hrs he hota hai :p.

Well who say IDEAL things not exists:

-- Can you have better smell than the smell of soil when it touches rain
-- Can you have better freshness than enjoying in rain
-- Can you ever see the trees after the rain, much bueatiful than any bueaty
-- Can you feel air cooler than the air at the time of winter

Bahut Bakbas likh diya :p


abcdefgh said...

:).. that's true.. those are the most precious things in life as well..

Vaibhav said...

yeps ... :-)

Sujata said...

Ya..a day is too short to fulfill all those sona bhi to padta hai..lolz..nahi to dusre 24hr gone bad..:D

Plus..all those things which u have described..can be only felt..those moments give ethereal joy. Just so pure and fresh. Unblemished with lectures, thoughts, ideas, and crappy advices..lolz :D