Saturday, July 09, 2005

Game ..

Tomorrow is my joining in InterraIT. As I already did my 8th sem project here, so not a new environment, neither the new ppl. All the same, bindas, funnky :p .

I remember when I join interraIT, 6 months back, there were some games on Day-1. Some are too cool. In one, all the students had to open their left leg shoe and place it on one place. After that, each one had to go there and select the shoe one by one with closed eyes. And then one whose shoe was selected by you, you and that guy/gal formed a gp. and you had to share experience,life with his/her for 3 minutes.

And then they ( i mean both ) have to explain that near all, and according to that they got the percentage how much he or she can memorised the things.


One game checks - team work, listening capability, communication skill, retaining skill.

I selected mine shoe: p.


Sujata said...

That sounds like a diff. game. :)

Vaibhav said...

haan pakane ka diff. style hai :p