Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mr. Rajeev Bansal ...

'Mr. Rajeev Bansal' i know i will not hear this tommorow, a sound dawned from the next cubical.Rajeev(sir) left us. I even don't ask and i really had no interest to know " Where he go, Why he go ",because

beautiful minds find their home anywhere in this world and so Rajeev too.

I can still commemorate the first day when i met Rajeev(sir) .

(The rule abided by company is to not use Sir/Madam as forename and thats create a hell lot of problem with the new novice.)

We already had a lot of chronicled story of trainee victims. Just having all that in mind , i met Rajeev(Sir) first time. He introduced himself in a apathetic manner. And then i intorduce myself in dread manner. I mean, the intoduction means name only ,not even a single word more than that.

Time glided by, with its usual pace and Rajeev was so busy that i didn't get time to even ask anything more than name.But in the meantime, i got to know that he was the 'Keymaker' of this project.

Generally when me met, either he explaining the project details or he shouting on us 'arre yaar tek sa kar lo ya.' I never felt that he was affronting us because it was his avid effort in this project and he didn't want to lose battle because of us.

I couldn't explain his ebullience on the day when finally he accepted to got some fruit from his work. 'Check karo, Release_build check karo, debug_build check karo'.

And the very first day after that Seema ( Madam ) ( our project manager) told us that " Rajeev going to leave us ".

News was appalling for us, but anyhow we know the fact that responisblity conveyancing on our shoulders.Rajeev(sir) is always a word of 'aspiration' for me. I always wish his success in the future endeavour.

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