Thursday, August 18, 2005

Be Happy !!!

Its always happen with everyone that after 4-5 days of happiness there comes somewhere the bleak or the sad days and the vice-versa.

We used to define these things with big words like LIFE, LUCK... etc.

We are not complete and we feel sorrow because we want to be, and again we become happy when we realise that can't make ourself complete.

Our surroundings gives us many thing, it provides us everthing shirt,pant, soap, food, toothpaste, mobile, watch, ... i mean just everthing. It gives us a lot and side by side it creates better call generates the feeling of more.

It actually defines us, defines you, me, Amit, Summet, Sita, Gita just everyone.

Think we have long beard face in absence of Shaving tool. Smell coming out of mouth in absence of brush. Leave those, they are big, how the life become if you dont have computers ( definitly you can't read this blog :) ) dont have messageners installed on it, on which we share our feeling with those cute smiley face !!!!

We have to value our life that we get so many thing, why to cry !!!



Bhumi said...

very true.. :)

Vaibhav said...

great bhumi to see you here ..

thanx for joining us.