Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dream ... :)

hmmm again start reading Alchemist, I love that book. Some bueatiful lines:

when u want something all the universe conspires to help u achieve it.

he recognized tht he was feeling something he had never experienced before; the desire to live in one place forever.

and lots of .... .

Such a great dream :

Really awesome. Will be back when I finish the book :P


Enjoy Life!! said...

That was a beautiful movie.. loved it :)

And ya... Alchemist... well that book is meant to make you come back to it :)

Bhumi said...

saw the movie..really good one :)
enjoy reading u'll explore more things each time u read

Vaibhav said...

yes puneet tht will bring me back ...

yaar bhumi this time i will try it to authors point of view sayad kuch jada feeling aaye :)

Sujata said... the book says..:)