Thursday, August 25, 2005

They are own !!

Unlike other days, today I wake too early, ya near about 5.10 or so. Eyes are too fresh because I went through the eye cleaning process in night.

I went to my veranda and I saw it was cool air blowing all way. Range of birds is available near my home. I was just gazing the trees. I saw a tree, that don’t have leaves, just have some dry wood on the body and on the ground attached with some soil.

But the interesting thing I find was, on that tree, maximum number of birds were playing. Since the tree is not so leafy that why they can run from here to there, can beat there friends and move on the up stems. I love to see that, I felt that this tree feeling that it got the leaves.
But after sometime, except 2-3 birds all went in there nest to see there child’s(probably) . And the tree was all-alone, but still 2-3 birds were playing there.

I just went for bath. And suddenly I see the tree analogy. This is what we are in life. There are some person who don't have any thing, neither you are going to give him anything except happiness, still they give you support, they give you a workspace for playing, enjoying, jumping, laughing.

But when we all see our Goal and work, we forget that old tree and move further in life. We never see that tree again else we don't want to play.

Same way we do with our parents as well. Ma, GrandMa, Papa, are all the same victims like the old tree, when we want to play we come there and enjoy, we never ask him or her that "Oh ! It is too sunny outside, you don't have leaves are you feeling uneasy. "

We just move in life and move on and on.

Think how bad we feel when we will become that old tree!!!

Can we make our self those 2-3 birds that always are with the old tree?


Rohit Rawat said...

yeah dude .... i agree with this story and strongly recommend young genX to apply this in their life ....
B'coz may somebdy will help u in ur bad times or not but ur parents will be there forever.... hepling u[:)]
its nice blog...
hav some more like this

Vaibhav said...

abe ... Rohit from where it become a story :P

thanx dear

johnjackson31924108 said...

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Have a Great Day

Enjoy Life!! said...

The morning shows its effect on your thoughts :)... Nice thoughts

Vaibhav said...

hehe thanx puneet :)

Sujata said...

They were there for us when we needed them...and now it our turn to BE THERE....let it be forever. :)

Nice thoughts :)

Vaibhav said...

Yes sujata thought to nice hai !

per implement karna diffuclt hai thoda :p

but karenge :)

rupika said...

well..thats how world has become!!people come and go...when we need them most..we stay with them..when the reason dissolves..we leave....wished it was never like this...but who is responsible...i belive we the same thing in our life and later become victims of these actions!!similarly another analogy which i can give is that its tree is god's tree..some ppl alwys stay with god..others come and go..enjoy the divine baeuty for a time..and then enter back into the web of the world.but god is alwys there..isnt it...will remain!!

Vaibhav said...

yes rupika,

agreed with you. but we all are not like that na. even sometime when we are not near our parent still we care about them.


your analogy is also true, 100 percent.