Sunday, August 28, 2005

Iqbal - Dreams are not meant to die

4 out of 5. Movie makers are doing awesome job now.

This is a movie of Iqbal - who is not audible and can't even become Audi an. Only see the dream to be selected in India Cricket team, I guess right from the birth.

How support from his sister and mother, let him to do this. Covers more or less all the favorable and unfavorable aspect that is possible.

It’s not only about cricket. It’s something about achieving dreams. If just someone, just someone, is with you, you are right over your dreams.

Actors did a perfect job and in last good supported by Kapil Dev.

I say, if someone have passion for its dream, must see this movie.

It’s all about “passion + support = target achieved”

Funny too

One place it goes like that:

One of the cricketers, told Iqbal – “abe sale gunge, bahre, apni or apni bahan ki ye sakal le kar bhag ja yaha se."
Iqbal Sister replied: " Sir, aap bhul gaye ho mere ko to suni dete hai, or aap itne dhere-dhere gali bolo ga to bhaiya bhi samaj jayega".
Then Iqbal told something to her sister by waving hands.
Cricketer asked: " oyee ladki, kya bol raha hai ye Iqbal sale"
She replied: " Aap samjho" and then both laughed.


-- Dreams are achieved on the day when we see it; just what we need is to remember it every time --


Sujata said...

Dreams are sometimes reflection of our ambitions, aims, desires, expectations....etc. And why not strive to achieve our own dreams if we CAN. Support from our near and dear ones is like icing on the cake..:)

Vaibhav said...

wah wah !!

Kya baat kaha hai ... very true sujata :)