Monday, August 29, 2005

I love it...


Today I do a good amount of cooking. Since, Mumy went in Saathsang, it was a good opportunity for me to have some cooking.

Roti.... I can make this awesome. Just circle, just circle. I love to make my normal Indian food like Rice, Dal, Sabje.

Frying Potato and eating it.... :P

I am thinking that if I am not in Software Field, i will definitely do this work.

But last night, till i made all the things bhaiya went for sleep and I forcibly told him to eat-eat, so he didn't appreciate my work :-((


Bhumi said...

ye... v..rice dal roti sabzi are most satisfying netime :) u know how to cook also :D :p

so when calling me for dinner ?? ;):p

Bhumi said...

and ya.. switching profession to this...not et all a bad idea..its an evergreen business :);)

Vaibhav said...

hmmm .... good ,so come ... my address is:

508-C,Sec-3,R.K.Puram, New Delhi and Yes INDIA.

market is evergreen but have the competetor like you as well ... so abhi software banana he acha hai ..:P

Enjoy Life!! said...

dal roti khao... prabhu ke gun gaao :)

Vaibhav said...

khabat abhi thek yaad hai sirji :)