Friday, October 21, 2005

Once upon a time ...

So, it was our meeting. In every meeting we have supposed to tell one story by any one of the group member. Looks funny but believe me effective.

This time, it seems that story short down. No one was read to start with. In the mean time one had started ok.. I will tell one story.

And here it goes:

It was a real one and taken from the life of God Buddha.Buddha used to cross river and then he went to the other side of the river for bhikcha, that what they used to do in Bharmcharya Jiwan.

Once he was crossing the river.He saw a young lady try t o cross the same river but the level of water crept up,so she was frightening in crossing the river. She tried one-two time, bur still she was not.

Seeing her, Buddha took her in his hands and start crossing the river . He left herself on the other side of the river. And went off.

After returing back, he saw one of his followers, let down the head, bit tensed.He asked what happened !!!

He asked, bhag-wan you are giving us the updesh of bharmcharya and then how you took a lady, a young lady on your hands. I was upset after seeing all these.

Buddha replied, no no !!! I was not carrying her. I dropped her on that side of the river, but it's you who still carry that lady, that young lady.

And the moral of the story ..Our action , our action is not perceived by what we are doing but it was perceived by what we are thinking.

A very simple analogy I can give as well :) Some papal are very angry type, and when they become angry they just burst out long because they retain angriness with them.


Enjoy Life!! said...

dikhavo pe na jao... apni akal lagao

akal nahi hai to muh band karo and chup baith jao :P

Vaibhav said...

ye kya tha .. puneet :-?

mereko bol rahe ho kya ??

Neeraj said...

very true indeed. listen to comfortably numb by pink floyd... u would love it :)