Sunday, October 23, 2005

Power of Desire !!!

So, it was an incident... Better call it "POWER OF DESIRE”

Once in a train a person was moving. He was on the last coach of the train .Somehow that coach became isolated with others .Because some construction work going in between. So, that coach was like an isolated one. Now, he was a smoker and he wanted to do smoking, but unfortunately he didn’t have, I mean finished up with cigarette.

Journey was continues 7 hrs so he tried but after 1 hrs he was unable to control .He asked all the ppl of that coach that will you have cigarette. Unfortunately no one had then he started giving money 100 Rs. for a cigarette and asking please someone gives me. But bad luck no one actually had so, he started seeing the cigarette butts under the seats all the way rubbing his pant in the whole coach but no he didn’t get. Lastly he got a small butt in the toilet set he burned up that and smoked up he was so relaxed. But sometime after he regretted on himself

This was a real incident.

Just I want to tell you that, sometime the desire of people even the small bad habits come or attack you in such a fashion that you have to go very down. And just you have to regret for that bad habit too much. That what I was telling today to a friend “any action after which you have to regret is a sin, is a crime not what others say. Good and bad we define for our self.”


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Sujata said...

Well, we define good or bad ourself..if we regret then it may be our 'bad' habit. But to stoop down to a level of regret is something to do with our control of ourselves also.

Vaibhav said...

wah wah !!! kya baat kaha hai !!!