Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reading one of the articles on Rediff, it was mentioning about IT professional and their behaviour in India.

Some great lines I got in between the article:

"Hmm, so you thought Windows XP was written in India? Nope, but the typing of all the HELP doc was done in India."

"The attitude for many is: Company aa rahi hai, to chalo job le lete hain. Better to have one offer in hand and then 'see'. This means that many techies are joining not out of any inherent interest in a software career; they see the job as a place where they can hang out between one degree (BE) and the next (MBA or MS)."

Very Truly Depicted the picture, have a look:



Enjoy Life!! said...

yup... design jobs still stay here...india codes or documents

Vaibhav said...

ya very true .. :)

and this market need a shift :P

Sujata said...

At least you ppl have jobs in India...:P:P

Vaibhav said...

hmm .. Sujata .. waha hota to bhi Job hote .. :P

and we are not foooooooool :P

Bhumi said...

i know ppl actually bargain...5 lac or 6 lac..!! which package is good TCS or IBM :P

when will i get a chance like tht !! :))

Vaibhav said...

very soon !!! :P