Thursday, October 06, 2005

Open Talk

2-3 days back when I was on home, my mom seeing Aastha Chaneel. A nice Guruji doing Prawachan there.

Seems to be logical and I muttered "Ache baate bol raha hai" .

My mom told me, life biggest learning come from experience.
Experienced ppl not speak what is written in book, they speaks what actually happen in the world.
So, follow them.

Why I follow them, I replied in flash.
I mean, if they told that there is only 1 to 5 in the number system, so I follow them and never try to learn 6,7,8,9 ...

So, " If I told you there is nothing just behind the road, still you go there to see it. If I told you this food is bad for your health,still it take up the taste and let yourself down and ill" my mom replied bit angirly

hmmm ...

"Ya I will", I replied in a idiotic way.

The best part in my mom she never take me and my words seriously, so I talk with her like I am talking with my friend.

" Hmm ... so you want to say that our learning, our experiece of 40-45 yrs don't resides any meaning for you ? " Mom asked.

"Yes it had, I can trust on it, but its good that I blindly follow it ? " I wispered.
"If human being never question on themself, then IS IT THERE ANY WAY OF IMPROVEMENT ... Tell me that " I added

"And for that you want to work from scratch" - Mom asked.

"No most of the time but yes offcousre have to do some of the time" - Fast reply from my side.
" Try it out I never stop you " Mom said half happily.

"That I know, you never stop me" I laughed literalily.

I really don't know who is right and who is wrong . But I know both is right and both is wrong. :)


Enjoy Life!! said...

Interesting :) software... use someone else's or write your own code.

Vaibhav said...

very true analogy ... :)

Sujata said...

Good one !! :)

Vaibhav said...

thanx sujata ... :)

varun garrepalli said...

here..both are right.