Sunday, October 09, 2005

Aamin ...

Hey, that was a big disaster in Pakistan.
I mean more than 20,000 and most of them were children. God bless the rest.

And the most sadest part, it comes at the time of Ramjan.

This is the time where everwhere in India and Pakistan auspicous occasions going. In India, Navratri going, Pongel as well. After that its time for Diwali and ... in our side after that time for chaat, puja of Lord Surya...

Chaat considered one of the most sacred paraw in our side. According to the people there, only God that human can see is SUN.. I mean Surya. So, they do this for SuryeDev.

My mom also do this from many years. 2 days upwas no water even.

God bless all the people from such disasters.


Bhumi said...

yea..thts sad and disturbing.

with pain god gives courage cope in this situations

Vaibhav said...

Ya, hey Bhumi where goes your blog had you deleted it ... it will not coming in your profile List :-?