Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Extreme Expressions

Extreme Expressions mean to say when you are very happy or very sad or very angry or ... . Most of the time we share such situations. Happiness, we enjoy with friends, family. Sadness, we are looking someone who can share it. Angry ... oh this is the most dangerous one, we literally kill the share-holder(s). But I have a different viewpoint on this. Enjoy these situations alone for sometime and then share it with your be lovers. Feel the happiness, its a symbol of success which you are trying to get. Give yourself a minute and think why I am sad ? how to get rid of it ? and you will get the solution in the next minute. Angry ... ah being alone is very important. Cool down the head and then go for the normal work or directly throw your anger on the person who put you into this situation(dhisum-dhisum).

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