Sunday, May 06, 2007

The wow ends now ...

Ya its all about new OS released by Bill Gates and the party - Vista with the tag " The Wow starts now" and I can't believe that how such a buggy OS comes into the market. I was just looking where in last 5 yrs MS engineers put their mind. GUI seems to be pretty OK, with lot of unusual features. Running any exe file, going into control panel asks user permission(what the hack this is) with two flashy screen change. And lastly it sucks me when I was trying to install VPN so that I can look some of my office work. VPN didnt get installed, no problem, but it even killed the normal internet connection as well. IE7 which display a big message "FRAUD MONITORING IS ON" gives you a feeling that you are on a secret mission.

I am all set for Widnwos XP or Solaris on my system but just thinking that why I have invested(wasted is a proper word) 5-6K for Vista. Hoping that MS will come with some required updates soon(Please don't charge for that).


Dreamer said...

boy... u bought vista... man its total junk... no backward compatibility. Norton 2k6 doesn't work on it. My friend bought a Vista Installed lappy and has not been able to install any other software because of incompatibility issues.

it sucks bigtime

Vaibhav said...

Man i didnt bought vista, you cant expect that from me else, working on open source and using open sourcce software guy can nt buy vista. But i need to take vista because all the laptop in the market are coming with pre-intalled vista.

I am also going for Solaris. But I am afaird of the driver problems