Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tough life - no its not mine !!

Being a "so called" software engineer, most of my time goes with software engineers. Discussion starts with "screwed up personal life" and ends with some technical discussions. But this time its not the same, because the person speaking in front of me was not a Software Engineer. My school friend Anurag is pursuing PG- Child Specialist. A working hour of 9 AM to 8 PM and then 8 PM -9PM for dinner and then 9PM to 8AM. So 22 hours of business with children.

"Vaibhav, you never see a happy Doctor of age more than 30-35 .... till this age of life we will see everything so horrible, so panic that we cant smile even if we want. If something even happen bad with any child, that face will keep coming in mind and you will feel helpless,restless." Anurag said.

Yes that's why we compare Doctor with God. Life always looks easy in other tray, but its not.

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