Friday, May 18, 2007

Why we are not innovative ?

"If you see the Indian market, there is no innovation in compare to other part of world. World know us a good guy in quality, testing or little of development. But we are lacking badly in innovation" .... I was just hearing the person sitting near to me.

Yes, I am completely agree with the fact that Indian IT market lags in innovation. My mind said why not lets find the reason for it. There can be many but I got the valid reason.

According to me, Innovation demands capability(my personal opinion). Capability not only in terms of thinking power but in terms of doing power as well. The new guys, the fresh guys have a good amount of thinking power but not a good amount of doing power, off course that comes with age and maturity(not mandatory :) ).Indian IT market are basically handled by some big gaint like Infy, TCS, Wipro, Satyman .. so called the IT giants in india. And if you realize the trend after 5-6 years people here willing to get a position of so called Team Leader or Project Leader. They are not willing, they get as well. And in the consecutive 5-6 years, Project Manager. In this time spam of 8-10 years, they are really building there capabilities, which suddenly go to nowhere becasue they get a good seperate room, 10-20 fellows who works under them and off course a charming salary. Not only that, its a high time to manage people, project and seniors as well.

So, an average life of programmer generally comes down to 10-12 years, where as in other country its around 20-25 years. So, the gray part when we become enough capable to innovate something, we are actually out of business.

A fresh person innovation is like a water bubble, which generally burst with little of trouble. Where as a capable person(not a, but some) innovation leads to a revolution. Innovation is not only about thinking big, its about materializing that big thing.


ubuntu said...

i agree with you, Indians in general lack innovation, whatever the reason may be.
Iraq produces double the PhD graduates as compared to India, seeing the population ration of the two countries, this is matter of concern. Today less and less people are going for R&D, instead they want to start earning early.
We need a paradigm shift to work out the things

Vaibhav said...

becasue in india earning money is a matter of need not a matter of interest.

Yogee said...

India innovated a lot in past. At present, nothing is wrong with Indians, it's current work culture.
You are correct Vaibhav.