Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Right Feedback !

I don't how many times in our life, we are giving right feedback to people. Very likely case, we are listening to a presentation from last one hour, literally not getting any thing. Not only this, you know no one is understanding it but we all are just listening it. Listening it,because ..... we are like that. Whats wrong if I leave the hall, whats wrong if I say the presenter that stop your pathetic presentation. But we never did ! And giving a wrong impression to the presenter that you are giving some thing very fantastic.

I don't know its a Indian mentality or something else to give respect to person even if he doesn't deserve it. Some kind of fear, some kind of mentality ... but we follow this, and we follow it religiously. Give me a break man !

Filling some stupid form with lots of radio button is not the only way to give feedback, rather this is the most inefficient way to give feedback. Maybe I am little blunt in this case but say the guy, your presentation is pathetic and you too. I don't mind at all if someone will tell the same to me. Come on you are grown up, if you can't make a good presentation, if you can't make audiences lively, you don't have any right to speak near hundreds and thousands of audience.

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