Sunday, January 06, 2008

A small favour can help us !

Some day back I have written a blog " We have to make a Justice !" talking about Global warming and some of the environmental problem we are facing day-by-day. I was talking this issue with one of my friends and I have urged him to do a favour for me as he is doing his MBA and he is a hosteler.

We had a small talk about how to save electricity, of course the wrong consumption of electricity. And first thing that hits my mind was my college hostel. As a hosteler, it's our right to leave the hostel room's fan,light open for 24 hours. I know, not all but 30 percent of student thinks like this and 50 percent don't think at all. If the idea strikes in the mind "oh, fan is running... lets close it", then OK, else also OK. Rest 20 percent, ya they do close. And I am thankful for their parents who have given them a good social education.

Now coming back about the favour. I asked him "Have you ever seen the special lock people put in hotel ? ". Lets see the picture.

Its a small but very very effective innovation. At the time of exit from the room, when you take the keys out from this special switch, light of the room went down. And hence never been a problem to remember " I have closed the lights or not ... ". See such a small businessman idea, because hotel is never charging you for electricity, most of the time they charge something like 1000 rupees per day. And see how this small idea saves their at least 20 percent of the electricity consumption. Now, my question why not the same stuff applied to college hostel ? At least, its not in my college hostel and what I know at least not in most of the college in India. And with this question I urged my friend to talk with college management and tell them their business benefits. As like hotels, hostel fee is also charged on year or semester basis. About the expense, I guess 300 Rs per room, that's it ! Ya, I know there are some other problem "where to dry my underwear" ! Ah, come on, give me a break.

From my blog, I am requesting all my hostel friends to think about this idea. We are ready to talk of pros and cons off course. But please do think !

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