Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tribute to the best !

After Saun Pollock, its Adam Gilchrist who decided to leave World Cricket. A man known to walk when he considered himself out, even before Umpire's decision. A outstanding cricket, a outstanding man. Many of us don't know but he is the ambassador for the charity World Vision, India.

I do play cricket and bat most of the time with left hand and for me its always be a special occasion to watch a man like Gilly. He surprise, surprise because he has the excellent capability to pick ball and that is very obvious by his pull and hook shots. See this guy against World faster bowlers like Shoaib(1999 WorldCup), he picks the ball so easily that you (at least I) can't believe. Most of the time, it surprises me how this 37 yrs old guy generated power.

Wicket-keeping record is just awesome. Wicketkeeper responsibilities are always harder one,when almost 50 percent of the bowl were stopped by wicketkeeper... when its a edge, its a throw, a left delivery, anything .. finally it comes to wicketkeepers hand.

And unlike other Australians, always calm, out of controversies. My tribute to a man who wrote the success story of Australia.

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Cool Dude said...

Gilly is really one of the most dangerous opening batsman Cricket World have ever seen. His ability to pick the ball and smash it over the boundary wires is treat to watch and really awesome hitting. When he is on full flow, then no bowler would like to face the Gilly mania. He had played the game with full sportsmanship and honestly. I pay the tribute to this Cricket Legend. We will miss you Gilly