Friday, January 18, 2008

Its going vital !

Days back I was updating my resume, not for any job, just like that :D. And I feel like how important blog is.Say,You have written an article and you want to put the detail in resume, just give a blog link :) and its all done. Ankit one of my friends studying in IMD Gurgoan asked me the use of blog and forum. I have given him some crap points :D but I guess blog is taking vital role in our life. Its like living in a virtual world where most of the people interact with you who don't know you, never seen you. But there is something common between you and him(blog reader) and that is the content written in blog. He is reading your blog(s) because he is keen to know what you have written.

Considering all these facts I guess writing good informative blogs are important,making it as readable as possible. Person like me, who has a very weak English grammar and always has those "key words" in common speak, need to take more precaution while writing. I have seen more than 100 sites which just do analysis of blog, nothing else.

Though blogging is in its pre-matured age, I can feel its dependency in my life. Love to see people blogging, love to see techies blogging. Just feel, we are making a virtual world, containing its own social values also. Welcoming you again in the world of blog space.


Abhishek said...

Absolutely! The importance of blogs is so much now that it has gone into enterprise domain now.

And bloggers are important people now who shape public opinion on issues. No wonder Microsoft had a separate badge for 'bloggers'(other for 'press') and Google sent goodies to some bloggers!

Ahh I wish I too was one of those opinion makers!

Vaibhav said...

"Google sent goodies to some bloggers!" -- not me :(. I am 3 years old reliable blog writer :D on blogspot.