Sunday, January 06, 2008

Basic Education System - We are losing lots of TARE

Basic Education System in our country(I don't know about other countries) is always a debatable issue. To say basic, it is more than Vth or Xth Standard. Yes, I am talking from class I to BTech, MTech. From the early age itself, children are force to memorize things. Start seeing the world from the eyes of teachers, parents. I remember those funny days in my BTech, when we used to memorize all the things in Electronics course and my friend used to ask " Hey Vaibhav, on which question I have to write this stuff "

After sometime we start adapting this world around us. Somehow the life in making assignment, memorizing whole stuff for minor exam, major exam, minor project, major project ... went so busy that we start losing our innovative mind. Innovation is not about sitting idle, it's about sitting free, free with mind, watching things around us.

I thought of our education system hundred times. We need to respect little mind, else what is the difference left between us and machine. Re-thought after watching movie Tare Zamin Per ... excellent movie with lot to say for society, Hats off Aamir.

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