Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Definition of Love ..

Those who allowed Love to sour know that the angels will sweeten the pot... and the plot again.
As spring dances in summer's blaze and golden flowers burst into bouquets, Love is in the air. With Venus' arrival within a month, there's Love for everyone, 'tis the season, take when God gives, take what God gives; the arms of the blue sky "that follows its own laws" are open right now.

Those whose loved ones have passed away, know that God will fill your heart in some mysterious way. Those who’ve lost Love know that the angels will return it to you. Those who allowed Love to sour know that the angels will sweeten the pot... and the plot again.
Those who've waited know that now is forever. Ask in His ear if this really is from Him, lend Him your ear for His whisper and then run to your gift. Get your gift, get this:

*Love is God's Daughter. You fool with God's Daughter; you pay the price for the rest of your Life. Love asks for Faithfulness. Even if you don't make a commitment, once you share physical intimacy with someone, your body makes the commitment.
Don't ruin a great thing; there's only one person in the world that can light up your soul; a hundred will fire your groin. But only one has been invested with the grace of God to light up your soul.

*First find your soul; your soulmate will find you. When you become the person you are meant to be, when you have had the experiences you are meant to have and when the one meant for you has too, then your paths pull each of you towards each other and eventually at a universally ordained time your paths cross. Little is more powerful than people meant for each other coming together.

*I know I'm the misfit and rank as the oddest one out in today's passionate times, but Love I believe is so sacred you have to wait till it's only Love. Even the holding of a hand is not just the holding of a hand; it's sharing the imprint on each other's palm and passing through the touch the best of each other's destiny.

*It's sometimes better to be in love with someone who loves you than who you love. For if it is only God who chooses and angels who prepare your Love story, it exceeds anything anyone has ever experienced.
I want yours to be that way. In an imperfect world with us imperfect people I still believe in a perfect Love. Never ever believe the world, believe in up there. Great Love calls for great Faith.

*If your relationship doesn't have shared spirituality, it won't be able to stand the onslaught of the difficult times we live in. Let the soul, not the sex dictate your decision. Many mouths will pleasure you; only one heart will treasure you.

*When someone truly loves you, it is a gift from God Himself. Never lose this kind of Love. David Berg in Glimpses of Heaven notes: "Many cry when they first arrive in Heaven and realise how much their mistakes have cost and lost." When you lose your truest love, anything else you later go on to gain is a total Loss.

Only when you are truly ready to honour, cherish and give Love top priority in your Life for the rest of your Life, It will reciprocate... for the rest of your Life. I wish with all that I am, that you find the Love God has destined for you. For it is in the love of someone who worships you that you will find a glimpse of God.

*What a winner Love is. In a vast world of six billion of us different people it is the most common wish to God

--Its not written by me but i can feel this bueaty.


Neeraj said...
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Neeraj said...

i think these words are good for those who don't know themselves.

why does it talk of whom to be in love with and whom not to be.
this article talks of very earthly love that too bound by his own thoughts said as god's will.

too many mentions of word god makes the love mentioned in this article sound very second handed. it should talk of the meaning of this word 'god' i.e. the god himself and not just the three alphabets g-o-d as it sounds.

sorry vaibhav... perhaps i was true... love can't be expressed in the form of an article...a poem or song can better express it.

Neeraj said...

god never destines a love for us... why would god create a restriction for the use of a feature he designed in us.... the feature of love for someone or something.
i find an essence of catholic touch in this article... they are always trying to bias our thoughts on the name of god.

don't mind if u find my arguments a bit bitter but i am open for exchanging thoughts

Vaibhav said...


I am not disagree with your words but God doesn't means what you had written. God means the Heart. Your own soul, that have the control o self.

Its that part of the body which rectify our faults, which creates a sense of love, which tells us what is right and what is wrong.

It is power in self which tells us to go on the right path even when someone refuses us.

Different person have different nomenclature. Your poem say it "EYES", "HANDS", "HEART". For some it is GOD. For some it is a Human Being.

I can believe on someone, who is equivalent to God for me.

Its not something imaginatary, its your faith on yourself. Its the force who give us the power to live with/without his/her.

Neeraj said...

ya now i agree... i agree with you on whatever you said. Its just that u are saying from th ebody's point of view and i am talking from soul's point of view.

just one case:
Have you ever wanted to fly.... now here soul may say that body is not competent enough to fly... but it doesn't say... cause it actually flies.. You and I are the juxtaposition of body and soul and we think that body is hindering the flight of soul but it never does... in fact it can't...
but love is a mutual relationship here soul has to communicate it and it can do that through body only.. so here your words that body makes the soul feel love is true to some extent... but not completely... think about it !!!

Neeraj said...

besides that i agree to all that u say but still i don't agree with what the article says... I can't agree partially with it also because its not a compilation of facts... it has to have a core of feelings.. the core is absent

Vaibhav said...

Agreed Neeraj,

But what you say .. body is commanding the soul or soul is commanding the body ?? Just tell me that, or no one commanding anyother ?

What i guess their need a prefect balance between body and soul, like you have mentioned.

But yaar its very diffuclt !!!