Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ready, Set , Go

Today when i was coming back to home from office, i remembered that i blank out my walkman in home. So, its very panic to timepass 1.30 hrs in bus and most panic when you are sitting alone. Just i opened the windows and watching the trees outside.

In the prolongation of that, i lost somewhere in my dreams. With retention of my splendid peroids in college, venerate of leaving college, the exuberance of a new journey and lots of things.

I just commemorated the initiation of college life till to its termination,everything. My recap started from the day when i joined my college. A college having just one building and a lecture hall where even 200 sutdents can't sit at a time and same as with me. A student who didn't speak a line english near someone,not because he didn't know but because of the perception that others bemocked on me.

Time blowing over, we learnt some good manners some bad also. But whatever we had , happy with that small life. Time never gave us chance to even free ourself and think something about future. Got some new friends, release the memory space of some older friends. Some are so special that i can't forget them before my death.

And now on the corner to pack the bag, with a lots of memory just so much that , this life is small if we want to recapuslate them again.

Can we forget them ?? For some defintly YES, but some n't even in lifetime and some may be not in the next life span.

Just remembered the dialog of movie Soldier " Insaan murr jata ha, mugar aawaja jinda rahte ha".

If someone told me to write your feeling and learning in one line - i just told that guy " It is the start of a roadless journey , just we have to remember on that journey, whatever we do ,it surves the purpose of being ourself human".

" We make the Net Work" - Sun MicroSystems.

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