Friday, March 18, 2005

If I Had Created Man !

Date: 18-03-2005 ( a big day for me)

Today, i was thinking that can't it happens that when we want, we lost our all past memory so that we can begin up with a new life like in moive 51st days.And yes, knowledge doesn't comes in the inevitability part of memory.

How cool !!! We never, in our heart, all those panic feelings which we have had in our past.
But !!!! No No ... its my thwarting who forced me to say so. I simmer down myself and then i re-thought.

Oh my God !! We also lost our marvellous memories. No we can't afford that.

And so a ratiocination, that God created Human being more or less perfect. But still i had some sugession to put up in the suggestion box in God's office.

In the one life span, God must have to do the following things with us :-

1. For some span of time, each human( not everyone at onces ) has to go through a peroid of blindness and much better if that person know the number of days.

I am dead sure , person like me don't have -4.00 power glass on the eyes, because we never care about it. It becomes our general tendency to work with this bloody computer more that 14-15 hrs and doing same work that can be done in 4-5 hrs easily.
4-5 days before i read an article in which a question was asked from a blind girl. " If anyway you will get your eyes for 3 days, what you do with that ".And a great answer goes like ... ( i guess never be answered so greatly by a two eyes working person)

... Day 1: First day i want to see oceans, rivers, trees , birds, farms ... and try to associate the relation between the sound and the bueaty of nature.

... Day 2: Second day i watch man, animal and try to associate their feeling of sorrow, love, joy. I try to put them in my heart rather than in my eyes.

... Day 3: The judgement day, with my closed eyes, i pray near God to give me happy in my life. In that prayer i never ask God to give me eyes.

2. Not very different from Point 1, for some span of time, ( not again everyone at onces ) each human has to go through a peroid of dumb and deafness and again more better if that person know the number of days.
It coerce us to become a good listener and also provides us the respect towards our tounge, which we generally learnt after 20-25 years of life. Even after 20-25 years of life, i saw the people who don't have control on their words. They said ,what they even don't know the meaning.

3. Last and the most important, God ceases from us for sometime " THE FEELING ".What we learn from it ?

Nothing we learn. Its the learning time for those who speak with us . When a person share his/her happiness,joy,sorrow to you and you respond nothing on it. He/She become Mad :-))
Very few people i saw in my short life who had respect for others feeling. I would be thankful to God, if i will get some more such "other feeling-respecting" people.We always try to avoid others because it the human mentality to feel himself great. I can simply pose an example " Look on yourself, when you are listening a song and you as well, singing that song. We feel that, we are singing very similar to the actual singer. "


And you can value others , value feeling of others , iff ( only if ) we value ourself. I still didn't forgot the day when i was on the trip of Vasnab Devi . JayaKumar Sir ( our X-OS professor ) told Namarta Mathur Madam ( our PD teacher ) in a tauntful manner " Madam ( he also used to say Madam ) it seems that you have lots of pain in walking, why you have so much affection with your life , can't you move fast " and a one line reply " I value my life and so i care it ". Answer was sufficent affinity to close the further discussion and JayaSir replied " I love this answer".


-- Sometime God doesn't give us something, because they thought that this person deserves more than this ...

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