Thursday, June 23, 2005

What to write ..

Well theses days it happened most of the time with me that I sat down idle, just building up the pressure and work load on me, and when it became too much I started working on it. Ya, wrapping the work is not big deal, but I lose quality somewhere :-( .

All friends are going somewhere, leaving the shadow of college, little bit disheartening but "Time never wait for someone ".

Well, we all are passengers of same voyage but have different boats, some boat go faster, some go slower, but we all reach on the seashore and will meet again. That’s why, I am sailing my boats without any worries.

God bless a great future to all of them, and God will. He never gave me sorry, misery and this time also, I know.

Searching an imp. old mail, i saw a forward, nice naa ...

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Sujata said...

Nice thoughts...:)

Btw...time waits for noone..and sometimes noone waits for time too.

abcdefgh said...
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abcdefgh said...


that's why they say life is a journey.. People come and people go out of our life.. some leaving gr8 impression on us..

Vaibhav said...

yep chaitu :-)

Anonymous said...

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