Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why Developer do like that ?

Ok, tell me what does it mean: @#$@!%%%#@@@$%%@##@@@!%%^^^ .
Any guess .. nopes. Oh !! Its my encoded message. How can you decode it. Ya, you can take pen-paper go on and on !!!Same story, same casting and same ending here also in IT field.

Developers, the initial developers start making codes in their own style. Documentation ... I heard it first time, by the way what does it mean ??? Ohhh ... How fast project moving, Project leader was happy , Project Manager was too happy . On its midst, 'the' developer left the job and then its inter-mission of the project, and oops climax change suddenly.

New Developer, devotes his/her official time of 9-6 in understanding the code and then night out from 7- 1, trying to write something, most probably the wrong code.

Not only that, he claimed the project leader, manager that what the hell this code is , no documentation, no coding guidelines... Bogusssssssss.They reply 'is it so' looking each other , so keep that in mind that the same problem will not coming with the next developer, so write document, maintain proper coding guideline.

So, now code also to write, and document of own also and the 'paap' of others also.

But I really enjoy this scene ....

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