Thursday, June 02, 2005


Day before yesterday night, i was in college. Work was too much regarding project. I tried to finish that till evening.
Tired, feeling uneasy ... decided to go for movie.It was 8.00 .

My friend Ami told me, better to take night meal. So, after having dinner, we went for movie. Near my college, the best mall of NCR region was opened, some weeks before. So, have fun ....

Oh!!!!! All movie i already saw. Next mall ... Nothing new,already seen. Next mall ... My Godness , nothing new.

I was very much upset. Last 6 weeks , i saw 6 movies. And before these six, it was "Jurrasik Park - I " i saw with "papa" in somewhat 4-5 class.

I decided not to see any movie now for next few months :p. Anyway, we returned back, i saw Nazar on CD :P.Ya, it was a nice movie, why people didn;t like, i dont know.


Neeraj said...

man that sounds crazy... no movie for such a long time... i wud have died. going for a movie today also... bunty aur babli :)

Vaibhav said...

i did lots of crazy thibg in life :P